Frequently Asked Questions


Renting a private yacht gives you more privacy, freedom and a customized experience. You can set your own route, get a special crew and service.
In order to make a gulet holiday, you must first contact a gulet charter company or agent. Then you can make a reservation by specifying your holiday dates, route and special requests. During the holiday, the gulet offers comfortable accommodation, special crew services and customizable activities.
Yes, most Turkish gulets have a crew. The crew usually consists of the captain, the cook and, if necessary, the cleaners. The crew is responsible for the comfort and safety of guests and takes over tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning and routing. Crew service makes your gulet vacation more enjoyable and allows guests to relax.
On the boat you can do activities such as sunbathing, swimming, water sports (for example snorkeling), fishing, enjoying beautiful landscapes and relaxing all day long. In addition, you can play games on the boat, read a book or observe the marine life.
When planning your blue cruise, you should take into account the season, weather conditions and your budget. Usually, the summer months are the most popular blue cruise seasons. You can have better options by booking early.
Departure days may vary at our yacht charter company. We usually offer options such as weekdays or weekends. Please contact us to find out the appropriate departure days of your yacht and to make a reservation. We will be happy to help you find the most suitable dates.