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One of the most enjoyable and special holiday options in the world is to rent a yacht and go on a Blue Cruise; a journey covering the Aegean and Mediterranean ports and untouched coasts of Turkey. this trip, initiated by several authors in the 50s, is considered one of the most popular and exclusive vacation options in the world today.Blue cruise This journey, which covered only the Bodrum and Gökova coasts in the early years, has taken in many more places with the increase in demand over time. Now it is possible to travel to many different points from Gökova to Antalya and even to the Greek Islands, to explore the untouched nature of these regions, to see the historical beauties and to have fun to the fullest in silence.

The biggest benefit of the Blue Cruise option is your freedom to set the routes you want instead of following a specific route. Considering that there are hundreds of different points to visit and see in the region, islands, coastal and historical regions, Blue Cruise options are an important choice for those who want to have a free vacation.

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Providing service from the past to the present, Nuovo manages to satisfy customers with its equipment and quality. the company, which has 20 years of experience, stands out with different yacht rental options. It provides customer comfort at the highest level with yacht options such as economical, standard, luxury deluxe.

Facilities such as food and beverage service, bathroom, toilet on yachts reflect the comfort of a 5-star hotel. the company, which also provides 24/7 guest support, always aims to be accessible. It is friendly to every budget with its affordable structure. In addition, it keeps the service quality at the highest point with its experienced crew. It manages to satisfy customers all the time with different boat rental services.

With Nuovo, you will have the opportunity to visit Greek islands as well as Turkish territorial waters. You can move comfortably thanks to the comfortably furnished furniture. You can spend enjoyable times all day long with entertainment equipment.


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Professional Service With Nuovo's professional service, rent your yacht without being a victim and enjoy yourself!


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You will be amazed at both the service and the yacht quality on the yachts you will rent!


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with 20 years of experience, he knows exactly what customers will want!